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Other Eye Disorders

The Bloomington and Champaign physicians at Eye Surgical Associates take special care to administer innovative treatments for your eye disease


Blepharitis can occur due to various factors ranging from poor lid hygiene to allergies. The physicians of Eye Surgical Associates will evaluate your condition and prescribe the most effective treatment for you.
Learn more


Cataracts commonly occur with age and are not preventable. The changes in your vision due to cataracts will help determine your treatment plan. Learn more

Corneal Disease

The cornea is the window to the eye. There are many disorders and diseases that affect the cornea thus affecting your vision. Learn more

Crows Feet

With age comes Crow’s Feet; tiny lines that appear at the corner of our eyes. Treatments range from making changes in your daily lifestyle to taking a more medical approach. Learn more

Detached & Torn Retina

Although retinal detachment is not preventable, taking precautions when the first symptoms appear can help prevent vision loss. Learn more

Diabetic Retionopathy

If you have Diabetes Mellitus you are at risk of developing Diabetic Retinopathy. There are two types that can develop before you may notice any visual problems. Learn more

Droopy Eyelid

This condition can be onset at birth, develop with age or can happen as the result of an injury. Treatment options are available regardless of the onset. Learn more

Dry Eye

Dry Eye is a very common condition that can affect everyone at some point during his or her life. Mild cases can be managed with natural tears while more severe cases may require additional treatment. Learn more

Flashes & Floaters

Flashes and Floaters are the warning signs for a more serious condition, retinal detachment. Schedule an appointment with your ophthalmologist as soon as you notice any new flashes or floaters in your field of vision. Learn more


Optic nerve damage and blindness from Glaucoma can be prevented with early detection and treatment by your ophthalmologist. Learn more

Macular Degeneration

This is a hereditary disease affecting older populations, particularly females and Caucasians. Two common risk factors are aging and smoking. Learn more

Refractive Errors

Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism are all type of refractive errors that cause your eyes to see the way they do. They create the need for glasses or contacts to help your eyes process images clearly. Learn more

Contact Eye Surgical Associates for more information or to schedule a consultation with one of our Bloomington, Champaign and Pontiac, IL eye specialists.

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