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Category: LASIK

3 Tasks Made Easier After LASIK

LASIK can change your life by making it easier. Even small things that most people take for granted can be very hard for those of us who have to wear glasses. Contacts can be even more frustrating–sometimes causing redness & irritation. Not to mention what happens if you lose one. Yikes! By choosing to get… Read More

It’s Back! Claim Eye Surgical Associate’s American Hero Discount on iLASIK

Many first responders depend on eyeglasses and contacts for clear vision in emergency situations. Without them, lives can be jeopardized. Something as simple as losing a contact lens can have disastrous results. Add in extreme weather conditions that affect visibility, such as sweltering heat or ice and snow, and the risk of injury can escalate… Read More

5 Summer Activities To Do After LASIK

When it comes to summer, there are so many fun things to do! What’s even better is being able to experience your favorite summer activities after LASIK! A world without glasses or contacts will give you a new lease on life, and broaden your horizons. Check out these 5 summer activities that will be so… Read More

An Interview with Our Surgeons on LASIK

Eye Surgical Associates is located in Bloomington, Illinois, and is home to Dr. Pinter, Dr. Brownstone, and Dr. Crockett., three of the nation’s leading LASIK surgeons. With such successful and experienced careers, it’s no wonder they run into all kinds of questions regarding the surgery. Recently, they were interviewed about some of the most common… Read More

The Unexpected Freedom of LASIK

LASIK is a procedure that can change your life. Relying on glasses and/or contacts can be a nuisance, which will often bring people to our door asking if they qualify for the procedure. Not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK, but a great majority of people are and just don’t know it. Just ask… Read More

Spring Break 2017: Take a Permanent Vacation from your Glasses

Flip flops: check. Hat: check. Bathing suit: check. Cooler: check. Contacts & contact solution: ugh. When planning your spring break getaway and dreaming of sun, surf, and sand, the last thing you want to think about is how to avoid breaking your glasses or taking care of your contact lenses. This spring break, ESA invites… Read More

It’s 2017: Why Not Make LASIK Surgery your New Year’s Resolution?

It’s the beginning of a new year. People all over the world are renewing their gym memberships, promising to quit their bad habits, and moving forward from the previous year. In January, motivation and resolve run high. It’s time to start anew. So, what are your goals for 2017? Maybe you want to develop a… Read More

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