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Referral Network

Eye Surgical Associates works with an extensive network of optometrists in Central Illinois. We accept and place referrals with the following optometry colleagues:


Bloomington, IL

All About Eyes
Doug Devore, OD

American Vision Center
Jay Tallis, OD

Bard Optical
Ronald Richmond, OD

Bloomington Family Eyecare Center
Andrew Backus, OD

Eyecare Associates
John Couillard, OD
Wilson Movic, OD

Dennis Brtva, OD
Kyle Mayginnes, OD
Chris Wetzler, OD

McLean County Eye Center
Jeff Huetteman, OD
David Landess, OD
Jason Dunn, OD

Central Illinois Eyecare
Michelle Willenbring, OD
Eric Norell, OD
Tom Mahaffey, OD

Champaign, IL
Dr. Jodi Albert and Associates
Jodi Albert, OD
Jewel Lewis, OD

Chittick Family Eye Care
John Brothers, OD
Steve Leon, OD
Ryan Witt, OD

Lisa Heckman, OD
Sara Meyer, OD

Eyemart Express
Mike Balgemann, OD

Illini Eye Care
Curtis Johnson, OD
James Sunday, OD

Jones Optical
Erik Burgwald, OD
Kelly Sanders, OD

Kessler Optical
Lawrence Kessler, OD

Kevin Glancy, OD
Laura Freeman, OD
Lisa Heckman, OD
Brandy Vaughn, OD

Charleston, IL
Scott Clarke, OD

Chillicothe, IL
Village Eye Care
Lori Sarver, OD

Clinton, IL
D. R. Gordon, OD

Decatur, IL
Decatur Eye Care Associates
Charles Bedford, OD

Stauder Family Eyecare
Michael Stauder, OD
Charles Taylor, OD

Fairbury, IL
Fairbury Vision Center
Janelle Brown, OD
Sasha Radford, OD
Terri Rieger, OD

Forsyth, IL
All About Eyes
Priscilla Pappas, OD
Brandy Vaughn, OD

EyeMart Express
Marcy Kyser, OD

Dennis Brtva, OD
Kevin Glancy, OD

Galva, IL
Tri-County Eye Care
David Pool, OD
Brian Plattner, OD
Jessica Condie, OD
James Ruppel, MD

Gibson City, IL

Heyman-Heyman Optometrists
Diane Heyman, OD
Jewel Lewis, OD

Lincoln, IL
Nobbe Eye Care Center
Todd Nobbe, OD

Mattoon, IL
James Goldstein, OD

Morton, IL
Focus On Eyes
Sue Feather, OD

Paxton, IL
Flavel Heyman, OD

Peoria, IL
Lasken Eye Care
Gary Lasken, OD

Vision Care Center
Roger Fitch, OD
Timothy Cundiff, OD

Pontiac, IL
Pontiac Family Eye Care
Bryan Stoller, OD
Sasha Radford, OD
Janelle Brown, OD

Watson Vision Center
Douglas Watson, OD

Shelbyville, IL
Bogart Vision Care
Ted Bogart, OD

Washington, IL
Tri-County Eye Center
Todd Funk, OD


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