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It’s Back! Claim Eye Surgical Associate’s American Hero Discount on iLASIK

Many first responders depend on eyeglasses and contacts for clear vision in emergency situations. Without them, lives can be jeopardized. Something as simple as losing a contact lens can have disastrous results. Add in extreme weather conditions that affect visibility, such as sweltering heat or ice and snow, and the risk of injury can escalate — for public personnel and the community.

Eye Surgical Associates recognizes the value and importance of LASIK for everyone who wears glasses and/or contacts, but especially for police, firefighters, paramedics, military personnel, veterans, and all first responders. The life-changing refractive procedure can pay off in more ways than one. Not only will you experience crisp, clear vision after LASIK, but you can also rest assured knowing you can see to do your job without glasses or contacts getting in the way.

After LASIK, job performance won’t be affected by glasses that are fogged up or falling down on your nose, or contacts that are uncomfortable and irritating. From performing routine traffic stops to rescuing people from burning buildings, the ability to save people without the hassle of corrective eyewear can help you focus on what really matters — the safety and protection of the community.

While the benefits of laser eye surgery are numerous, saving for LASIK can be a challenge. Many people feel guilty spending money on a vision correction procedure when it could be used for other things. It’s important to reiterate, however, that LASIK is an investment in you — your health, your career, and your happiness can all benefit from the popular procedure.

At Eye Surgical Associates, we don’t believe that money should hold you back from experiencing a more fulfilling life. That’s why, once again, we’re proud to help offset the cost of laser eye surgery for first responders by offering the Hero Discount on LASIK.

From now till the end of 2018, the American Heroes Discount on LASIK includes $1000 off the standard fee for iLASIK surgery. This limited-time offer also includes a free LASIK screening in Bloomington or Champaign, IL to ensure your candidacy for iLASIK.

To qualify for the discount, the screening must take place by Monday November 12, 2018, and LASIK surgery needs to be completed by December 31, 2018. To ensure you receive your discount, simply provide valid proof of employment or service at the time of your screening.

The American Heroes Discount recognizes the dedication and brave contributions of first responders, current military members and veterans of our community. You inspire us to give back to the people who help serve and protect us, and you deserve to have the best eyesight possible to do the important work you do.

Want to learn more about the American Hero Discount? Contact us to speak with an eyecare expert in Bloomington or Champaign, IL today! Ophthalmologists Daniel Brownstone, Catharine Crockett, Scott Pinter, and optometrist Kathleen Vize are happy to assist you.

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