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4 Tips to Manage Anxiety About Cataracts

Tips To Manage Cataract Anxiety from Eye Surgical Associates

Finding out that you have cataracts can be distressing. The thought of losing something as important to you as your sight is frightening, and can cause major anxiety in anyone. However, while finding out that you have cataracts may be hard to hear, there are plenty of ways to cope with the stress. Here is some helpful advice for those who have just found out that they have cataracts.

1)  Realize That Cataract Surgery Is Safe

Yes, surgery never sounds like a good thing, but cataract surgery is actually one of the safest medical procedures in the world. The procedures itself only takes a few minutes.  It is the most performed surgery in the United States and is a thoroughly understood practice. After hearing this, it’s no wonder that cataract surgery has an astounding 95% success rate!

2)  Thoroughly Research The Surgery

It’s important to know what you’re dealing with before you go into any type of surgery, but especially for your eyes. The best way to do this is to contact Eye Surgical Associates and set up an appointment for a cataract assessment.  ESA has a specialized team that will work with you and your surgeon to guide you through your options and answer any questions you may have.   In the meantime, here are some quick facts about the surgery to help put your mind at ease:

  • The surgery is virtually painless. Your eyes will be completely numb thanks to anesthetic eye drops that will be applied to your eyes prior to the surgery. You may feel some pressure but no pain.
  • Recovery is also very easy and painless. You may experience mild irritation afterward, but likely will go away within a couple days as your eye heals.  After the first couple days, you will likely be able to perform most of your day to day tasks with no problem. You will need to be very careful with your eyes for the first few weeks. You should continue to be cautious until your doctor informs you that you have recovered completely.
  • During the surgery, your natural lens is replaced with a manmade lens known as an intraocular lens, or more commonly called an “IOL”. Some of these lenses have the added benefit of allowing you to rely less on glasses. Lens options may vary based on the amount of correction needed and your visual goals.

3)  Have An Honest Discussion With Your Doctor

Finding someone that you can trust to perform your cataract surgery is crucial to ensuring that you feel comfortable and safe during the process. Setting up a consultation with your doctor will allow you to ask any questions and express any fears that you may have about the surgery.

4)  Know That Cataracts Are Natural

While there are certain lifestyle choices that can speed up the process of cataract development, cataracts are, in fact, totally unavoidable. Everyone will get them at some point. This statement may seem counterproductive when trying to reduce anxiety, but it should actually serve to reinforce the fact that cataracts are extraordinarily well-understood, and therefore the surgery is as well.

It is okay to be scared about surgery. Just know that you are in good hands with the doctors at Eye Surgical Associates! Contact us today to schedule your consultation for cataract surgery.

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